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2006 alpine snowboarding calendar

Guest stoked

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seeking 12 hot models showing their stick for a 2006 alpine snowboarding calendar

so the concept could be like all I need is my alpine snowboard :)

alternatively send your best action shots

not sure yet if the calendar will be to be mailed for production & shipping costs or just available for download to be printed out on a color printer by yourself but wouldn't it be cool to have a calendar on the wall for 2006?

any input is welcome thanks


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Maybe fine for you D-sub....but I prefer men.....

yeah...I know, and honestly I wouldnt want one of a chick posing like that, either. OR a man, no matter how fit...

action shots, preferably a few with hardbooters freeriding as endless pics of turns gets rather boring.

that picture is something that was sent to me last year. nice assets, and I thought it was funny how huge the board looked next to her.

I sold her a board but unfortunately FedEx lost it. Hope she found one!

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Guest Randy S.

Dave, you've been hanging on to that picture since last year and just now shared it with us? WTF? :smashfrea

Back on subject: It is totally easy to create a calendar using Shutterfly. We could easily create an album there, let folks post their own pictures to it, then you can create your own calendar (complete with comments, borders, etc.) with your selection of photos and have it mailed to yourself w/in days. I just made one for my parents as a holiday gift. I used a bunch of pics of my kids. It was totally easy to do.


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Now if you could get a pic of her carving in that outfit, THEN we would have a CALENDER!!! :biggthump:eplus2::biggthump:eplus2:

Reckon you could get her to SES???

she's just over the San Juans, in Telluride area from what I remember

we're not in contact anymore. in fact, when the board got lost she insisted I was misleading her about ever having shipped it. glad for insurance! After I sent her the compensation that was it I think...cant remember for sure.

no idea how well she rides, and cant remember her BOL username.

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Let's see what Mr.Rick Ferguson has to say about D-Subs post on this one. Not to bring up water under the bridge but he always has something negative to say when it comes to Dave posting things.

All I gotta say is "DAMN"

Dsub, you get anymore pics like that from her it is priority number one to post the pics here asap.!!!

If you correspond with her again tell her to "swiffer" her floors!!

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