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K2 Ambush: opinions?


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Hey guys, a friend of mine is looking at picking up one of these in the 169 cm length. He's a bit over 6 feet tall, 170 pounds, has biggish feet but I don't remember his shoe size exactly - maybe around 11.5 or 12. Does anyone have experience with/comments on this board?

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I have 1.5 seasons on mine, starting my 2nd full season, and I really like it. Enough so that I purchased a 2nd. I ride the 164, weigh 165, 5'10", size 11 boots. With a good binding like the Catek Freeride it rips it up, though I've used it with Burton SI's and still been pleased. Not great for riding fakie, as I believe it either has a progressive sidecut or the sidecut radius centered towards the tail, so in reverse it likes to initiate turns really quickly. It can still be done with a little practice, I rode switch a whole day with it last year, but it will be more difficult than something with a twin tip shape. I can't comment on it's park or pipe performance 'cause it's not really my thing, but for softboot carving it's my go to board. On par with the Arbor A-Frame 166 I used to have, although a slightly different ride. Hope this helps. YMMV


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On par with the Arbor A-Frame 166 I used to have, although a slightly different ride. Hope this helps. YMMVJeremy

I used to ride an A-Frame too (170cm). I'd be interested in your comments on how the Ambush compares.

I've heard good reviews of the Ambush. Is it stiff enough? It seems like a good groomer machine that will still rip the pow. How much taper does it have?

I guess I can get all the specs online - just looking for some experiences - especially compared to the A-Frame.

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I have the A-Frame 170 now, so to compare them, I'd say they are both stiff, although side by side in the kitchen the Arbor feels stiffer to me, the Arbor rides more damp and smooth, and the K2 a little more lively or turny. The specs I have say that the Ambush has 1mm of taper and the Arbor none. I got the A-Frame 170 last season after someone broke my 166 and only got to ride it a few times. I was gonna use the 170 as my powder board, but picked up an O-Sin 4807 168 cheep, so I may split the Arbor for backcountry riding. I almost wish I still had the 166 length, but I need a little more time with the 170 to know. Anything else?

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