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SPIED!! TD2 "Monster Truck" Suspension Mod!!

Jack M

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Hi Jack (or any other spy)

I’m really surprised there seems to be no interest in this thread?

The ‘professional’ looking quality of the E-Ring molding and the matching yellow ‘super soft’ color leads me to believe that this is a soon to be released creation from Fin and Bob.

A few questions to the creator (Fin/Bob?)

1. Is the purpose of this stacking E-Ring simply more vibration absorption?

2. Why stack two disk directly to the board? Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer a thicker E-Ring (with the tabs for vibration absorption) in combination with a single thicker center disk?

The spied photo does not show any slotted teeth on the center disk, so I will assume that the center disk and the additional disk are stacked.

3. Does a thicker E-Ring automatically result in more ‘squish’ or movement as D-Sub suggested?

Before the release of the TD2 Bob explained to me that the movement of the new Bombers was as follows:

‘The Elastomer Ring (No matter which durometer) under full compression to one side, only deflects .23 degrees from center. (.46 degrees inclusive.)’

4. Would a thicker (single) center disk, made of a composite material, reduce the potential wear between the aluminum cant disk and a composite center disk; when the really thick E-Ring is used? This is assuming a bit more movement and vibration absorbtion were either the goal or the result of this modification.)

Thanks is advance


PS - I can’t wait until the legal issues are resolved, I’m keen to see the new products!

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Looking forward to the production models. Great application for wider boards like the 4wd---more leverage to help rail a 200mm+ wide board on edge. The squishyness, if any, might also be nice in softer, all mountain, conditions.

Was thinking the same thing - I would definitley get some for my Axis and my 4807.

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