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Carving camp in Alberta Dec. 19 20 21

Guest nic

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I just wanted to tell you all about a carving camp I am putting on at Nakiska in Alberta Canada Dec 19 20 21.

This camp will focus on advanced carving technique, board/ binding set up, and tuning. The camp will be 3 days long 300.00CND. Lift tickets will be at your expense, but I should be able to get a group rate.

If you are interested email me at


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Hey neil if you are intrested and the dates could be better let me kow what works for you, nothing is in stone yet.

If it means changing the dates a little to have a few more guys thats ok with me.

The more the better. I not only want to teach and coach guys and girls to carve at a higher level, but have a good time with as many of us hard booters possible. I think its important just to all get together learn a few new things and rip it up.

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Well for me it would have to be across a weekend, preferably after Christmas. Dec 17-18 is out for me and I suspect many people due to the impending holiday and before that is pretty short notice and also chancy snow conditions.

It should be clear what we're getting for the fee - who will the instructors be, will there be vid analysis, any gate time, focus is on freeriding or racing or what?

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That's a great idea, but short of holding it Dec 25 and 26 you couldn't pick a more awkward time. Midweek just before Christmas? I guess you'll maybe get college students in Calgary out to it...

And also Snowperformance is already running a camp that week at Sun Peaks, Alberta, Canada. They have gate training 6:1 max instructor ratio with everyone rated CASI III in hardboots (i.e. they passed the test in hardboots).

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This camp will be coached by myself. I have my level 2 CASI with level two NCCP in both freestyle and race. Plus all the experience i have from over 12 years of riding and racing on tour.

As it sits now there will be no gate training, but if the demand was there could be possible.

This camp will be a hard boot only camp. We would be working on Carving, line and pressure. The end result will be you will ride 100 times better.

I am taking a max of 6 riders, and one spot has been filled allready

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