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TD1 Bumpers: Yellow vs. Purple


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I was thinking about picking up a set of yellow bumpers to replace my purple but thinking about it more, the TD1 is stiff as hell and am not sure the yellows would make much of a difference. I don't want to spend $30 on a new set if the difference is negligible. Anybody have experience with both?

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I just cut some gaskets for TD1 myself. I've managed to get 3 different materials. 0.8mm black rubber gasket, 1mm brown rubber material with fiber and 1mm cork. I'm going to try all of them this season to see how they work. I'm sure cork will be the softest of all since cork is known for absorbing vibration. I don't think I'm going to need longer screws since they are very thin.

Hopefully, these won’t lead to an equipment failure :eek: . Oh well……

Here is the picture of the gaskets.... :D :D


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