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So now that its the early season, what are you guys using as your rock board?

Mammoth has fairly thin coverage from what I've read, so I'm using my Burton Coil 162 this weekend. Its a little soft and short for me, but I'm not risking a Madd or a Coiler this early. :)

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My Axis 172, which has over 100 days on it, and an old Incline 168 that has no camber left for "powder over rocks". I really didn't want my Axis to become a rock board, but it racked up the dings with the crappy PNW season last year.

My Coilers and soon-to-be Donek FC 175 will not see snow until coverage is such that I don't have to worry. Pretty much after I get through a day on my Axis without hitting anything and not trying to hard to avoid stuff.

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Went opening day at Stevens pass on Wed. 9th. and rode the RT173 for an hour and a half. Broke out the 178 Oxygen and found some rocks outa bounds and in the chair line (trees). Took out the 158 F2 Breezer for the next 2 hours after that, no rocks to be found anywhere the snow was decent. Left at 2 pm to beat traffic. Epic opening day for me!

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My O-Sin Sinner is my rock alpine board. $75 off eBay 4 years ago; I'd say I got (and am getting) my money's worth.

I don't have a beater board for powder though, so I rode my Arbor Munoz 162 on Saturday at Meadows. Found a few roots (sorry PTC!), but nothing too bad.

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