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Bad form but fun as hell

Bobby Buggs

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Nothing but compliments here. You're not bending over at the waist, your ass is not up in the air, and you're really not reaching for the snow, it just happens to be in your hand's way. Now, tell me this was last year so I don't have to make a jealousy voodoo doll out of you.

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Dont get out that Voodoo doll quite yet, yes that was last year. I might ask you to get out the good Voodoo doll :ices_ange because since that back operation Im not sure if I will ever get to do that again. Im trying to get ready but know all to well until I get out there, do some turns and wake up the next day with out my leg on fire im still just a bit worried.

So all you spiritual folk, Please rock some healing notes for my back.

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