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Ankle injuries


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Just a reminder....pay attention to your ankles if you injure them this year. Don't hesistate to ask for a CT/MRI because about 50% of ankle injuries in riders are actually talar fractures

I'm finally back to walking this week after finding out that's what I did in Feb and having surgery Oct 6 to fix it...

Good news-no pain...

Bad news-really stiff ankle. Hopefully I get my full range of motion before my season starts

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Actually, I was in softies, but everything I've read about it says that the injury has been described in both types of boots....

The partner of the podiatrist who did the surgery thinks it wouldn't happen in hardboots-I would have just gotten a tib-fib fracture like a skiier if the same thing happened in my hardboots

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I've been told that talus fractures usually happen when a rider is on toe side and gets a jolt that super-flexes the ankle (toes toward the ankle). It would seem that hard boots would prevent that but it doesn't take much force to break this bone, just the right angle.

Sorry about the injury Skatha. I can relate. My knees are telling me there ain't gonna be a season.

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DrCR, I was riding in AF700s (Indys) a few years ago and I destroyed my leg inside the boot. Caught an edge and wrecked the leg just above the ankle. At that point the only thing that the fact it was a hard boot was doing was holding my bone inside the leg. You can break a bone just as easily inside hardboots.



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The really sad thing about the whole thing was it proved my ER mantra of "I wouldn't have a job if people just spent two seconds thinking". I was talking to a real estate agent, discussing the market in Park City, when I realized I had to ride off the chair in about a millisecond. I USUALLY prepare like you're supposed to, binding flat, foot on the stomp pad, heel off the edge of the board, eyes first down to ensure I'm flat against the ramp then 20 yards down the ramp at my planned stop point....

Plus, I've wiped out on the ramp plenty...this was like nothing I've ever been thru.....

Bummer about the knee, Cin-, is it creaky or did you bag something this summer?

In addition to being a doc, I've also had 2 knee recons, so I'm good for advice/general commiseration

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I've had an ACL replaced, but this is more wear and tear. I did about 5 months of pine beetle survey since the spring and it's like boot camp. 8-9 hours a day of hiking the gnarly, no trail, usually climbing over fallen trees and on an extreme slope. It was hard on the knees but good $$ so I stuck with it till my knees gave out. I'm just iceing them and hitting the gym for now but I went up to Winter Park to take opening day shots (think camera, not tequila) and it was killing me to see all that new snow ... no lift lines ... shoot me and get it over with!

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