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help me pack my #### toys


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Never done this before...

I've got three boards and a pair of skis to fit into a Burton wheely for airtravel. Lots of room but I want to pack well to avoid damage and overweight charges. I've removed bindings from everything and will lay everything in so the lengths and tips and tails all work together.

I plan on using corrigated cardboard folded Z fashion to keep everything separated. I plan on tying the skis to the cardboard to keep them from shifting.

Anybody got any guideance on what works AND DOESN'T???


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wherever your going...I'm jealous...

I will often put my boards in sleeves when stacking for travel, or simply use a sheet in the same manne rras you plan to use the cardboard.

one thing to be aware of is the weight. Last season on my trip to copper I found myself shifting gear around at the luggage desk to get the weights close enough for them to take it...

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get an old, sturdy blanket.

lay a board on it, roll it till its layered, then set the next board on and repeat.

youll have to figure out the order according to size.

then just strap it shut...tape works too but then you need to bring more tape for the redo when coming home. a flat "backpack" type pull strap or two would be best.


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Homeland security WILL take everything apart in the fastest way possible. If overly taped, the box knife will come out for their ease. I ended up with box knife scratches in my RT173 when I went to SES '04. I was pissed, but who would you complain to?

another reason to use straps!


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