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How does Volkl RT GS compare to Prior 4x4?


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Skate, accoriding to the Prior site, the 4X4 is a dtuned version of the WCR, along with a turned up tail. I haven't ridden a RT yet but I do own a Proton 185 GS. The 4X4 is my anytime board, that is, bumps, crud, slush, pow, packed pow, anytime I want to ride, the Prior is the first one out of the bag. If I get there early to catch the morining groom than the Oxy gets on the slopes first, then in the afternoon the back to the Prior. The ice holding capability of the Proton is awesome as I would expect most GS boards to be, torsional stiffness provides this. Turning radis is a little longer on the Proton but as long as the crowds aren't thick this works great. Hopefully someone else will post with the direct board comparison, instead of being just gobbleygook, I'm sure you want some hard data.

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I have a 174 4X4 which I ride quite often and I also ride a 173 RT Volkl - Both are a great ride and surprising they ride very similar. I would have to agree the 168 would be a little small for you at 190lbs. I am about 215. I have been looking for a 168 for my son who is around 155 lbs.

But on the other hand only you can say if it is a good board for you and since you say you have hard pak the softer Volkl 168 just may be ok. If you can get it at a good price - try it if it is no good you can always trade or sell it.

for curiosity sake- What kinda price is a "good deal" you mention

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gott jump in for a second - i'm 6'4", 195lbs and downright love love love my RT 168. this board took me up a level in riding. i borrowed one last season as a rockboard on the first day on the hill and never gave it back - bought the demo from vin that afternoon getting back to out of bounds.

i have ridden that board in 5" of fresh powder, bumps, crowds, you name it. it's just like cranking a big skateboard - turns on a dime, snappy tail to pop you out of turns.

i also ride a coiler 169AMX which i reallly like, but i miss the edge hold that the RT168 gives me.

i rode an oxygen proton 185 yesterday for the first time and offered to buy that one on the spot as well...damn, so many fun boards out there to ride!

get the RT...ride it, have fun.



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