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The Great Minnesota Get Together!


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No, it's not the state fair.... It's all the Twin Cities area carvers (and anyone else who wants to come) gathering at Welch Village!

When: Tuesday, Jan 6th 2004

Where: Welch Village www.welchvillage.com

Time: 10am - ?

Cost: All day lift $27 + any food / beverages you buy

Who: Anyone you know who like to dig trenches

Yes, it's a weekday, so plan your vacation / sick day accordingly. But that means more corduroy for us!

An added bonus to the event - A Carve Clinic!

Kent will be leading everyone interested in a clinic covering such topics as:

1. Angulation vs Inclination

2. Cross Over vs Cross Under

3. US Carve vs Euro Carve (or Extreme Carve)

4. Style - Movement Analysis

5. Balance, Edging, Pressure, Rotary... what da hell?

We'll meet a couple of times during the day to regroup. We'll start at 10 by the double chair off the Main Chalet and take some runs down Lookout. Kent's clinic will start at 11 outside the Main Chalet. Same chair again at 2 pm to regroup with anyone lost.

Hope to see a lot of carvers on the 6th!


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It's still a go. We even have permission from Welch to set gates, or whatever Kent has planned.

Maybe if some more people would reply that they'll be there, we'd get some more carvers (I'm talking to the Buck Hill crew - I know some of you are coming!)


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The Great Minnesota Get Together came, it went, it rocked... Despite cold and wind and a LOT of snow blowing around we all managed to have fun, meet some new folks and some of us even got to try to improve on our riding.

Kent kept the group busy in the morning with his ever entertaining clinic, and in the afternoon was nice enough to take a few of us under his wing to try to get us to the next level. (Thanks Kent, I need all the help I can get!)

I'm looking forward to getting together again soon!

Kudos to Trent for setting stuff up, and thanks Kent for sharing some wisdom. Everyone had a great time (I hope!)



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