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Guest jschal01

Don't think an air bladder like that is going to be the desing to do it, but an actual successful suspension for boards would be as big as suspension has been for MTBing. As with MTBs, probably 95% of the riding public doesn't/wouldn't need more suspension than the board already affords, but that's a different story.

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the way this guy spells, if I am saying they can't spell thats bad, I bet half of the third graders in the country could whip my ass in a spelling comp.

meat for meet, heal for heel, skies for skis.

not a big deal when trying to sell pirated DVDs or other schetchy sub $20 items on ebay but someone who claims to have a patent that they want a half mil for should at least appear that they did not ride the short bus to school.

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While the ad is pretty poorly written, the patent isn't a whole lot better. I'm somewhat surprised it got approved, but then when I think of a few high-profile patents I'm not.

The patent contradicts itself in a number of places, and in others it is too specific for its own good. All it would take is 10 minutes and a $5 TV lawyer to successfully rip this one off - assuming of course that it was actually something worth ripping off.


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