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Myspace must definitely be on its way out if all us old hardbooters are discovering it.

I sent you an invite to be my friend.

No so with the teen crowd. I'm always groveling at my teens to get off the site and to no avail :argue:Maybe it will be the 40+ crowd the will keep it alive for its next sale.

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I was bored today so i started a ALpine boarding group on myspace.

heres the link add it!!


in the comming weeks i will be adding info to it and maybe get some event dates up if i can find some. feel free to send me pics and i will put them on the group site.


hope yall join up!

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Guest Randy S.

I sent an invite to skipuppy and andy.

Skipuppy: I sure wish I were 20 years younger. Cute, hardbooter, Jewish? (Brandeis usually is a tip-off), wow. I look forward to riding with you when you are back in Tahoe.

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to post your pics as your background you need to host the picture on a web server. once you have the URL just past the following into your about me section on myspace and put the URL of your picture where it says URL HERE

<STYLE type=text/css>



background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position:center center;


table, td, textarea, a, body, input{background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0}



ok the fourm wont let me put in the HTML i want to show you guys, it thinks i'm trying to modify the page so email me and i'll send you the text for background!!


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Hey, I'm on myspace too, but cant figure out how to set your pictures as a background. But I'm on there, and joined the alpine myspace thing and all that. I'm http://myspace.com/andyyt316. See ya on there!

I just use a Profile generator (This one specifically ) It takes you through the process step by step, and creates the code for you at the end... After some practice, you can get pretty creative :lurk:

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