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Guest Randy S.

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Guest Randy S.

I had some off-board dealings with Bobby Buggs last week. He was pleased with the merchandise I sent him and offered to send me an Evil Sports sweatshirt as thanks.

I've been wearing the coolest sweatshirt ever - all weekend. It is smelly and back in the laundry now.

Check this out. Its a hoodie, but with no hood. So you get the awesome pocket w/out the bulk of a stupid hood I'd never wear anyway.


You can buy yours here.

Thanks Bobby. I love my sweatshirt.

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Guest Randy S.

I will be in town for nationals. In fact, I plan to enter a few races in the local series just so I can get an invite to nationals to represent the North Tahoe league. First race is December 17 at Donner Ski Ranch (what a joke that place is). So, see you all at flatstar in March.

Is the PCSBT going to be looking for a place to crash again? I have new housemates this year so I don't know their plans.

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What do you mean you never wear the hood!!!!!!!!!????? I'm going to put one on right now just for you Randy.

As a complete thread hi-jack..... Are you going to be in Tahoe for USASA Nationals this year? I beleive I owe you a beer from when we were in town last.

You Drink beer now, Phil? That's new to me.... Wait, you're old enough to drink beer now, Phil...

Have a great trip!!


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My hoodie's on the way and will be sported by me on the slopes this season if I can keep it away from my 16 year old. The only thing that could make it better were if it were to say "old & evil" on mine..... :D

Thanks again Bobby,

Evil Sports, why be "wicked" when you could just be plain "Evil"

Have fun,


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