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Hi Mark,

My emails to you keep getting bounced back. I'm hoping this message will get to you. Please give me your address so I can calculate the shipping costs and you can pay with paypal.

This message is regarding the sale of the complete set of TD1 bindings.


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Hi Jen; I wondered why I haven't heard from you. I'll check my filters. Try another address for me: batman@tblack.com. I'll get you paid right away as her birthday is coming up. I'd rather send you a cashiers check as paypal is a little scary. They want access to your bank account...be carefull. I can send it today. Thanks Mark

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Paypal will let you "charge" your credit card and get used to the convience.....for awhile. Then out of the blue they will require you to "...get verified" which their very clever euphemism for direct access to your bank account. Even with perfect payment they will change on you. It was after $2,500 in agragate purchases. I don't know where ther hidden little policy is now. It was even on TV that one source of identity theft was from Paypal among other websites on their "watchlist".

I wonder if there are other bretherin here that have had "the Paypal experience?"

Mark :eplus2:

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