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Proflex Titaniums on ebay - steal of the day


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ah well, I wanted bombers or cateks, but what are you going to do at that price?!

CJ04; those bindings I bought off you are good but the built in cant gives me knee problems, I must be getting old! So now I am thinking that I will try flat flat no cants, no lifts to solve it :-)

Thanks for the posting; wouldn't have spotted them otherwise :-)

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no problem bra... we can swap, I won't even charge you for that... your new bomber TD2s (not step in though) for my second hand dodgy F2s :-)

Slip me $50 for postage and I'll sort it for you. :-)

Gotta be quick with these thing; the number of times I saw stuff and missed out on in tsk tsk tsk.... :-))))))

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