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Daylight Savings Time Lost


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I'm here in Duluth for the gazillionth day this year. Once again the topic of

conversation this morning has been Daylight Savings Time, and how everyone hates

that loss of the hour in the evening (well actually this time of the year it's

that extra hour in purgatory). Everyone that I've spoken with has commented

that they have a great deal of despondency associated with it.

Now who am I to argue with the powers that be, that have taken care of our

future: Social Security, National Debt, Oil, Disaster Preparedness, Corporate

Greed, and of course War for only the most noble causes. Those in power have,

in all their infinite wisdom declared that we have to wait for that extra hour

until (category 7 the end of the world(The Republicans win 2008), well,

whenever. I have a better solution. Let's just lose 2 O'clock! It's that hour

that's really quite worthless. Still too much time to panic about leaving and

getting all the work that's piled up, and yet thinking the day is never going to

end, and yes there is still time for one more bag of chips that will erode the

flow of blood through your arteries.

Think about it. Kids wouldn't have to go to school any earlier, and everybody

would gain that extra hour at night. No more going to and from school and work

in the dark. It would be one hour shorter to quitting and I'm sure that

everyone would make up for that hour by working harder for the 7 that remain.

Employee's health would improve, decreasing sick days. An easy solution that

the finest minds in our Legislatures have not been able to come up with. Throw

the Bums out and get someone a little smarter in. Subliminable thought isn't


(All Ski Resorts would be required to stay open an hour later)

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