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new book: no fall snowboarding


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I had gone to the local Barnes & Noble to find a book on swimming drills to smoothen my atrocious crawl technique. Anyway, snowboardign stuff was on the same shelf adn I saw a new book. I just flipped through it and the author in the middle of a lot of Tai-Chi/ Yoga mumbo jumbo is advocating a diferent way of snowboarding. Instead of rotary (as used by beginners), or cross under or over, he wants to raise and lower the shoulders. Apparently, thats all it takes and your center of mass always stays in the same place.

I don't know if it is mostly meant for beginners as an easier way to start or there is more to it. Anyone else seen it ?

I am not necessarily skeptical. In the lasy 15 years or so, I have seen everything from overrotated front facing stance, to narrow stance, to back knee tucked in to duck.. so technique keeps changing. If there is a more stable way to turn a snowboard, I am all for it.

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That sounds like turning by using your upper body. That's a Bad Thing™ and doesn't really do anything to prevent falls.

IMO, there isn't really anything you can do to keep someone from falling on a snowboard, except by giving them poles and strapping one foot onto another board. The problem here is that most people call that skiing.

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