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Dollars to Grooming for weekends


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OK I'm looking for the best resort in Vermont/New Hampshire for grooming in comparison to season pass cost on WEEKENDS (I am in the Navy and don't have the option of weekday riding). I plan on trying lots of resorts this winter before buying a pass for 06/07. The Threedom Pass is intrigueing but that's a haul from Groton so we're not yet sold on that yet. In truth both my wife (she mostly ski's) and I are looking for resorts that groom well since carving is more important than anything else

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Groton. Gosh! That is a hike, but I think you are equidistant (Timewise?) from VT and NH? Hey, what's long and hard and full of Sea Men? :lol: Sorry, I new a submariner who used to be stationed at Groton.

Stratton has nice groom. I haven't been to Okemo in a while, but I recall Okemo has good groom, too... just get there EARLY! In NH, I'm a fan of Sunapee and Loon, but for grooming, the nod goes to Sunapee. I love Wildcat(too far for a day trip) too, but I've never carved there, only ski.

This year, I have the Stoks pass for Stratton/Okemo/Sunapee: http://www.stratton.com/tickets-and-passes/smartpasses/pass-info/stoks-pass.htm and will likely get another one for next season.

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Are travel costs to be factored into this equation, or is it purely based on lift tickets? What about lodging (required for Stratton if you want to ride for under $300/day)?

When I last went to Okemo, their grooming was excellent. Stowe is a lot further away, but I also recall them having very good grooming. I wasn't so impressed with Killington. What was groomed at Mt Snow was usually nice, but then there would be the odd bottomless pit or exposed rocks that ski patrol was too high to mark off. I haven't really ridden in NH very much, so I can't really recommend any mountains there.

The ASC pass is usually a very good way to go for next season. 5 mountains and usually about $370 with some blackout days (when you wouldn't really want to go anyway).

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Cost aside, I'd recommend Okemo. It's consistently ranked among the top resorts in the country for grooming. That's where I spend most of my time.

I don't know if their membership is open to non-employees but you might want to contact:

Electric Boat Ski Club - Clarion Inn, 156 Kings Highway, Groton, 1st Monday, 5:00 p.m., Dennis Horr, 860-433-7689, DLHorr@aol.com.

They're members of the Connecticut Ski Council and have access to discounted tickets at Okemo. Other clubs in the council can be found at www.skiclub.com

Hope to see you on the slopes!


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