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Toronto area carvers - pre-season meetup - Wed. Nov. 9, 7:30


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Here's your chance to meet fellow carvers for some billiards and beer. Hagen from N. California is visiting Toronto and plans to attend. We'll introduce him to snooker and Brador (do they still make that stuff?).

Location is the Charlotte Room. 19 Charlotte St. http://www.charlotteroom.com/

Bruce V. is a maybe/probably so here's your chance to move up the queue with bribes and beers.

RSVP here please. I have one table only booked right now under my name - Henry


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Hagen: No trip to Canada is complete without a trip to Tim Horton's. Ya, I still use the apostrophe even if the company doesn't. Is the coffee good? No, it sucks. But, it's cheap and if you need a boost, order the "Canadian Classic" - "Double-double and a maple dip". There's enough sugar in there to keep you going for 48 hours.

No need to give you a location, there's one on every corner.

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Bumping this up. Thanks.

Oh wait, I have some content.

Anyone looking for carving skiis needs to run to Sporting Life to pick up the 2004/05 Atomic SX:10 that they are clearing out for $699.99. If you pay with Amex, you get $100 off. The 2005/06 version of this ski is $1,000. Great deal. I grabbed a set in 170cm.

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yeah i figured you were on a work term or something linus, are you gonna be coming out to the university series boardercross this year?

Probably not. I have to take 7 courses (4Math(UW)+2Bus.(WLU)+Comp.Sci.(UW)). 7 courses + boardercross = academic probation?? :D :D :D Still, I might. I never go to any lectures anyway :p :p . Can you send me some information about the series?

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Guest Todd Stewart


looks pretty well organized compared to years past, unfortunatly it looks like i'll be working for during most of the alpine events but im sure i'll i can make it to a bunch of them.

Skategoat, the milton heights snowboarding program got swithed to boarder cross instead of both bx and alpine. However i'll be running it this year and im sure i can get enough racers to go to the alpine events as well as the bx. Also there are some additional alpine recreational events that i will probally go to anyways. So if you want your young one to get good coaching i still believe the milton heights program will be a good fit. email me at tstewa01_AT_uoguelph.ca if you have any questions

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