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Crested Butte, Any Locals here??

Bobby Buggs

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I lived there for one season in 96...never thought of it as much of a carving hill, although I did ride my PJ a fair bit...but youve already been and enjoyed so I should just STFU

BUT I can contribute!

Kochevars was a fun bar, and DONITAS had the BEST spinach enchiladas I have ever had!


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Crested Butte, under it's new ownership, will soon beat out all Colorado resorts for the best grooming. The new mountain manager's roots are pure east coast; he realizes the importance of snow conditions and corduroy. Best of luck with this unknown gem!

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Complete article http://www.rockymountainnews.com/drmn/other_business/article/0,2777,DRMN_23916_4232547,00.html

Crested Butte is an outdoorsy, young, athletic, natural experience. That's what people like about it. Though we want to appeal to a broader market, that's the image. We're never going to be that soft, cushy, totally manicured ski resort. What are some untapped markets?

The East Coast is an untapped market for Crested Butte. We're trying to take advantage of our Eastern connections by letting full season pass holders at Vermont's Okemo Mountain use those passes at Crested Butte. Chicago is another logical market for us, as are Phoenix and Tucson, because they are nearby.

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Seeing this thread on the Butte has me jonesing for a fix. Spent one winter there in 92-93???. Moved on to Whiterock at Christmas and it snowed 600+ inches. Ooohh la la. Even with all that snow during my exploring I put down three boards that season. Worth every core shot. The carving I remember was international, over on the paradise side, the race hill training area with the Tbar.

I remember waiting at the Poma to the North Face, ski patrol came by and said at least a half hour. The maze emptied. I stayed and not even five minutes with only six of us there they opened. The entire North Face, 18 inches of fluff and no frenzy. That was a run. Oh yeahh we are talking about carving.

Do they still have the poma and the Tbar to the Banana? I think I heard they replaced the funky double on Paradise with a quad. Any other updates?



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