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special oxygen slalom race boards for sale


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I have 4- 160 cm. oxygen slalom boards I'm gonna have to part with - I've developed kneemonia so I'm sticking with G.S. style. - These boards are 18 cm. wide unlike the proton 20 cm. 160 slalom - they were limited production boards that I believe were only available in Europe - I got someone at Atomic to bring them in for me - black sintered base , torsionally firm, longitudinally medium. Two of them have a bunch of days on them but the bases are still excellent and the edges have plenty of metal left. One of them has a few days on it and is fairly new , and one is new still in wrapper.

I'm looking for a 172 cm. Oxygen Proton for myself

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Free bump to the top for some great boards. I picked up one of the older ones from Patrick and it's the best-mannered, most enjoyable SL I've ever tried - my kid and I have been tussling over who gets to take it out. The boards are also in ridiculously good condition. I don't know if Patrick has capability of sending pix, but I can easily send pix of the one I got if you're interested.

Compared with my 180 Coiler the Oxygen is much easier to manage in tighter/steeper terrain and for aggressive freeride purposes even stands up to my 220 lbs. For full-on race applications it might prefer a slightly lighter rider, but of course I'd prefer to be slightly lighter as well.:rolleyes:

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