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WTB: Bx Board ~165cm


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I have an Oxygen Boardercross (SX) I picked up last year brand new and I still havent ridden it. here are some specs and you can check the board out at www.oxygensnowboards.com

:: Board Type: 570

Overall Length (cm): 157

Running Length (cm): 129.5

Effective Edge (cm): 133.1

Stance Width (cm): 24.1

Tip Width (cm): 28.2

Waist Width (cm): 23.5

Tail Width (cm): 28.2

Tip Height (cm): 5.5

Tail Height (cm): 3.0

Side Cut Radius (m): PROG. 9.0/8.0

Stance Range (cm): 40-56

Stance Offset (cm): 3.0

Weight Range (kg): 45-75

Get back to me and let me know.


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I do have the 164, just didnt notice teh specs sheet said 157. I was wondering because , when I flex it , it a a very stiff flex patern. Let me know if you are interested. Make an offer. I hate to get rid of it but my alpine interest took over my boardercross interest.

It's a bad ass board.


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