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new iPod questions


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I just ordered the new 30gig video iPod. I've heard that at they have been skipping and freezing if you are listening to it while running, which I intend to do. Has any one else experienced this? Now I'm thinking I should have bought the Nano with a flash card instead of a hard drive. :mad: Post your experiences wit the new iPods and if you've had any problems.

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they have a 24 meg buffer so @ 128 kbps that would give you around 20 minutes of skip protection, the problem is that it only spools the disk when when it it gets close to the end of what is in the buffer to save baattery life, so if the thing if being shook when it gets to the end of what is in the buffer it might not be so pretty.

this has happened to me only once, when I was riding some rough trails on a dirtbike

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At work I have at my disposal 4 Ipod nano's, a couple clickwheel ipod's and 2 of the new videos, one 30 and one 60. The videos can lock up while running. It has been my experience through testing thus far that video can be more problematic then audio. The audio recovers elegantly, however the video stays frozen. To the end user, the audio might skip while running with the device, but the video could freeze.

So, here is the crux of what you need to be thinking about.

The Ipod Video should be as good as any Ipod (less the nano) to date when it comes to listening to audio while exercising. You wont be able to jog and watch video at the same time, so that should not be of concern. I would have to reccomend the nano to anyone looking for a device to use while working out. Get one of each.

Are you going to be at Bob's this week? Or tonight? I could swing by and illustrate the issues So you can make an educated decision prior to yours arriving.

I can also bring you a frequency plot of where you need to be concerned about the performance and where you don't.


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