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Hey Bob

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What?? What?? Wait a minute!! Bob, I do remember some posts a few weeks ago that dealt with being a bike racer, was this you?? If so, what the heck is that hair doin' on the legs?? YOu just stepped back a couple of yards in my book. Don't you realize shaving your legs make you mentally faster on and off the bike!!

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Originally posted by Bob Jenney

Whoa! relax there kids!

OK. That was taken 2 years ago, the day after I got it. I had my winter coat on. (I've been leg shaving for 20 years. Can't get into it in the winter anymore.)

Oh yeah, I got that in Breckenridge, Fin took the photo, and I'm fairly sure I'm the 1st idiot to get a tattoo with a carving board.

As far as the age thing, mid life crisis I guess. I'd been thinking about getting this done for more than 4 years though. Just didn't have the tingles to commit until I was out west.

Now, CMC's tat is SERIOUS commitment.

Bob it's ok if you don't shave, thats more manly. ;)

is that your only tat, mid-life crisis man?

what does CMCs look like?

i'll show ya mine.... problem with tats is once you get one you want another... rinse, repeat.

i'm saving for my 2nd one, cause it will be very pricey

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Salt water rides in Puget Sound but I don't ride as much as I'd like due to golf taking the number 1 spot. I also have a canoe by Mad River - 17' also a Kevlar model. But it gets out even less. I prefer the Kevlar models so I can lift them on top of my SUV.

Easy Rider I think are made right here in Seattle area in a small town of Tukwila I think and have looked over their model of which you speak. Nice ride

My passions would make an interesting tatoo also.. snowboard, golf, paddling, classic cars specially Corvette, and a few other minor ones thrown in like when it is raining outside and I am inside my wood shop.

HAve a great year Bob. I am off to work , I am finding that hard to say again after not working for 2 1/2 years.

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