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Thanks Derek, hope you folks have a good time. I was out last Monday - the day before the rain - and the conditions at MSLM were pretty good. It was totally empty so that made it even better.

I haven't been to Blue at all yet this year, but it usually takes longer to get up and running, so I don't even try until after Christmas unless we have really good snow early on.

I will not be out this weekend, but perhaps a few days next week if the weather gets even the least bit cold, and heaven forbid, snowy.

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Went to MSLM today.

Tons of carvers... at least a dozen or so on one hill. There were some people I hadn't seen before and it was encouraging to see some younger kids out there on plates. Saw a couple of people on swoards too. Also caught a glimpse of the new TD2s.

Anyway, conditions were a little crispy in the morning. Machine groomed granular was their description but the sun was out and it softened up nicely in the afternoon. There are a few bare patches starting to appear so pray for more snow.



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Got out on Boxing Day. While everyone was shopping, I was riding some empty slopes.

Conditions were much better than I expected. It was mostly groomed crud turning into loose granular by afternoon. The really steep runs were scrapped down pretty good with some bare spots and loose dirt/rocks. I stayed away after one run and found plenty of good riding elsewhere.

I expect conditions to be similar throughout Collingwood. Mind you, this was before the last couple of days of +8 weather.

Now, as for my form - I sucked! I was constantly skidding out on my heel side turns. I have some work to do!

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I was at Bluemountain and what a terrorable condition that was........

afternoon condition was wet seven eleven

Slurpee with bunch of snow plowing


and it gets better at night.......hard ice underneath the brittle man made snow..

and all the snowplowers started to loose

control and race all the way down......

it was no carvers land:(

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Guest Padraigh

I was at Craigleith all weekend. Beautiful sunshine, but the conditions got a little soft.

My family is still up in Collingwood and they said the rain will have likely killed the conditions.:mad:

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Thanks everyone. Perhaps we could keep this thread going until we get a decent break in the weather. I read that it is supposed to get colder near weeks end, but it is sounds like it will take some time for the snowmaking to catch up. We definitely need to do a snow dance or something.

I hear it's totally puking snow out west . . .

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