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Horrible nightmares ...

Guest DruckenCarver

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Guest DruckenCarver

All summer long I had dreams that I was carving ... on mud.

It was way disturbing. Past three winters here in Minneapolis, known for its cold and snow, it's been brown and 50. The ski hills just get by with cold weather allowing them to make their own snow, otherwise they'd all be out-of-business by now.

I had several weird scenarios in my dreams:

* carving on a warm day with slopy snow conditions, but 1/2 of the hill is muddy, not snowy. Somehow, I'm able to carve through the mud just fine, though!

* get to the hill in the morning and everything's just fine. But, between each run more and more grass is seen. Not more than an hour later there's no snow and just frosty grass. ARG!!

* I enter into a cross country ski race only to find out the entire course is brown dirt with the exception of a couple north-facing hillsides that still have a little snow. It's a 26-mile course. I file a complaint because I don't want to walk 26 miles in cross country ski boots.

Considering we've had a couple good snowfalls already this year and it's so far shaping up to be a "normal" winter, my mood has been much improved lately. :)

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