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What Soft boot set up do you ride???

Guest Jon Rutherford

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Guest Jon Rutherford

So I finally broke down and picked up a soft boot set up. I can't rember the last time I rode soft boots. Every time I thought about picking up a soft boot set up, I'd go around to the local shops and just walk out dissapointed. After riding a hard boot for so long, I simply could not find a stiff enough set up!

After many hours of research, and many trips to the various snowboard shops around town, I found my set up.

Board: RAD AIR Tanker 167 (thanks to a good friend hook'in it up)

Boots: Burton Driver w/ the RAF insert (I challenge anyone to find a stiffer soft boot)

Bindings: Burton P1 HD (carbon fiber high backs, with a REEEAALY TALL high back)

I've been dead against owning any burton products. For the most part, I don't like supporting the company because I believe they are marketing to the "general" consumer. Most everything I've put under me that was made by Burton has just plain sucked.

Today...I stand corrected. They must be putting some serious R&D $$$ into their boots/bidings

SO>>>>what soft boot set up do you ride???

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Guest OlderBoarder

i am new to the carving scene. i am 47, and started boarding 7 years ago after an ankle injury ended my skiing career. i can do heel/toe stuff, but can't side load my ankle to set an edge on skiis. my freeride board is/was a silence 159. my carving board is a Sims Carve II 167. i am using K2 Yak boots and K2 CLicker bindings, and i find the combination plenty stiff and responsive enough for the variable conditions where i ride, which is Mt. Wachusett, in MA. all comments/suggestions are welcome

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Guest Pre School Rider

On my Reto 156,which is stiff,short,narrow-ish,it's Burton Torques (3-straps) on Palmer lifts,usually with my haggard old Burton Drivers.With the Tanker 172,I like the Nidecker Carbon binding(w/an LDS pad built-in underneath),and the DeeLuxe Spark boot.I run 30* F,18*-12* R on these.On the O-Sin Swallowtail,it's a looser setup,old Burton Freestyles (w/ Sims stretchy straps at the ankles),and a softer boot,like the Rulers,or if hoofing it to roadside freshies,I'll dig out my '95 Airwalks(you know,the brown ones w/ the velcro heel-hold strap-I can hike easily + just hop back in the car and drive off if I'm riding the 'shelfs' on along Rt 7).For the older boards,the Elfgen Toungue (CX 11) binding is Da $#!T,heck I can even ride in hightop sneakers with them.

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Here my *soft* softboot setup.

1993 Burton Air 6.1 board (first year of 3D)

1993 Burton Freestyle bindings (no ratchet like modern bindings)

2000 Burton Glide boots (freestyle, not freeride)

The reason such a soft setup and all Burton?

Soft board because it is my first snowboard.

Soft boots because I didn't know there where stiffer boots available, thought they where all the same except for the comfort.

Burton because it is what was available at the store.

I barely use it, I mostly lend it to some skier friends.


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1) 03 Prior MFR 168XW w/04 Burton P1 HD bindings (this is my #1 setup)

2) 04 Burton Dominant 159 w/04 Burton P1 MD bindings. This setup is for freestyle + jibbing and is a lot of fun.

Boots are 04 Burton Ion HD as I find the Driver is too stiff and I think ankle flex is good!

Jon, you are correct when you say Burton spends a lot of money on R&D for their Boots + Bindings. Boots and bindings are co-developed together so they fit perfect. There is a reason they are the #1 selling boot/binding company in the world. Northwave/Drake is #2.

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Guest thefishinmagician

I inherited my bro's old Checker Pig 163. Even had to drill holes and put some T-Nuts in it 'cause the old drill holes (they just drill into the board) wore out. That puppy still rides like a champ though. Actually like it better than any newer board I've rented... ever! Can't compete with my Prior 4x4 though.


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Board: Rossi Levitation 167 (2000)

Boots: Salomon Malamutes (2001)

Binders: Flow Pro-C BX (2002)

I love this setup. The Levitation has an 11.something meter sidecut - much bigger than most freestyle/freeride boards.

The Malamutes and the Flows are very stiff for a soft setup. I rode Switch/Vans stepins for way too long, the boots were way to soft when I got rid of them. When I got the new setup, I caught a couple of toeside edges (superman style, like beginners) because the boots were so much stiffer than my old ones, I would not be expecting to switch edges soo quickly.

I'm running fairly low angles (24 front, 12 rear) but one of these days I'm planning on kicking the front up to 45, and rear aroudn 33, just to see how the flows/mals perform at higher angles......

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I haven't ride soft setup for a while....

but I do or had(my deck broke) soft setup

2000 Timless 168(Broke In half)

2000 Flow FL11

2000 Burton Glide(fits my Flow well)

I do recommend Flow binding because it's very stiff and feels like you are on hard boots......

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All mountain and touring soft set up, just having fun:

- POGO Longboard 175, a board for guys who want to drive

like an alpine deck and freeride like hell. All versatility in one


- boots: Vans Fargo Boa 03/04 (former Flow Domain)

- bindings: Flow Pro S Freeride 2002 set up 50 cm, 30/25

Greets, Hans

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Board: Rossi Recycler 172

Binders: Rossi SIS

Boots: Rossi F5's

The Recycler is softer than a (Rossi) Levitation and doesn't grip as well as the Levee.

After having used step-ins I'd have a very hard time going back to strap bindings.

The F5's are VERY stiff. I don't know if they are as stiff as Burton Drivers, though.

The SIS boot/binding is made by Emery for Rossignol. The main complaint about

the Emery SI system is that it looks like a screen door latch attached to a snowboard.

In 5+ years of riding this Rossi/Emery system I haven't experienced any problems.

I think the two best boards Rossignol makes are the Levitation and Undertaker 185.

Both of which are at home in powder or on the groomers, soft or hard set-up.

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Boots: Vans Switch (N Series) Isotope and Mach.

Bindings: Switch A66 N Series (no highback) mounted to a 1996 Burton Rippey, 2002 Burton Motion and most recently an old Burton Wire 56 that was used as my first Alpine set-up

Although I have been predominately using my alpine set-up over the past three years, I have been pretty impressed and happy with the Vans / Switch N Series set up for soft boot carving and would be hard-pressed to go back to straps.:)

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Guest jeffnstefanie

mickey munoz 166

flow Bindings(I forget he number I think FL 19, they are orange, looks nice with the wood )

Old Original sin alphetbet boots that are as comfey as an old pair of sneakers

I love my Arbor, someone asked me if I made it myself, I wish !

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My soft (and only) setup

Flite 162 Weapon Asym

K2 Clickers

Ride Vapors

the Flite was the last board that I had a hand in making years ago when I was working for Flite (I'm pretty sure they ceased to exist in the mid 90's) it's old but only has about 50 days on it so it's still quite stiff. I T-bolted it to 4x4 last year for using the Clickers...for my feet Ride boots are comfy...DC are more comfy but they don't make Clicker boots...oh well.

I have never owned a Burton product and I never will...I don't like Jake...besides there are better products out there.

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I use Catek Freeride bindings w/Rad-Air RS-4 Highbacks on a 2003-2004 200cm Rad Air Tanker Crown and DeeLuxe Spark NT boots with all seven TPS sticks (stiff flex) for ultimate control.

My binding setup for freeriding is as follows:

Left Foot: 5 degrees cant and 3 degrees toe lift (27 degree stance angle) Right Foot: 12 degrees cant 10 degrees heel lift on my rear foot (12 degree stance angle). I also put my right foot off-centered 1 cm towards my toe side edge. The Tankers rock and I will not buy anything else. If you can go, and want to hang out with a bunch of longboarding fanatics, try to get to either the Longboard Classic-Japan in Hokkaido or the World Longboard Classic in Stuben (www.longboardclassic.com).

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BX super carvey set up- Oxygen BX 163 Binders Nidecker 850 carbons on 20mm of blue palmer lift.

Soft boot play board

Burton Custom X 160, Bindings, Burton P1-MD no lift.

Powder set up

Burton Fish 156, P1-MD. no lift.

Super pipe

Burton Balance 157.5, Nidecker 850 carbons.


Well my wife wont ley me ride park this year.:mad:

Boot depend on set up and conditions.

Burton Driver- Stiff

Deeluxe royal flush- Med

Burton Ion MD- Surfey!

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Donek Wide 161

Northwave Project 9 Boots

Burton P1 HD Bindings

I tried those Burton boots on, the Northwaves fit me better. Both were similar stiffness, imo.

The overall responsiveness of this setup is great. Instant toe and heal transitions.

Angles: 30/15

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