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WTB Snowboard Binding Riser plate ApexGecko/Virus Isolator/Donek SBX płate etc

Max R

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Hi everyone, new member here. As the title says, I am looking to buy a snowboard binding riser plate.

Id prefer a virus isolator, Donek BX riser plate, or any binding riser thats 12mm or taller.

Due to a bike wreck many years ago, my left leg is 1" shorter than my right. So I use a binding riser on the left side to help make snowboarding more comfortable/bearable. 

I have used palmer plates and to be frank they suck. They kept falling out of my board randomly. So other than palmer plates hit me up with whatever riser plates you have. Preferably something for a 260mm or larger board (I wear size 13 boots).

thanks in advance!

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donek plates: 1lb 10oz (with hardware), 12mm stack, 9.25" diameter

JJA plates: 1lb 13oz (with hardware), 13mm stack, 9.5" x 10.25"

gecko plates, carbon cross (with hardware): 2lb 1oz, 15.875mm stack, varies in width depending on holes used x 12.25" long, can run asym if desired.

virus plates bx: assumed to be similar to gecko

hope this helps.

FWIW: size 13US is 30.5 mondopoint. boats. a 26cm waist board is pretty skinny. +/- 1cm to mondo is a good rule of thumb to follow regarding waist width that allows for carving (hardpack conditions). thoughts on this may vary; personal preference. different strokes for different folks.



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