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AF600's vs. Head

Guest JPnyc

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I picked up a pair of AF600's at the end of last season and had the liners heated and fitted on Friday night. I rode in them Saturday and Sunday, but with excruciating pain. I took them over to the Basin Ski Shop where the liners and footbeds were done and they checked out the shell fit to my foot. I'm touching the sides of the shell with the outer sides of my foot and there is not much room behind my heel with my toes touching the front of the boot. Well, it appears they are too small in the width and length and I need a size 28, but I have a 25.5-27 Shell. Unfortunately, proper fitting assistance from the shop where I bought them (not the Basin) could have helped, but that's water under the bridge.

My questions to anybody riding the AF600's or Head boots (w/ Thermo's) is how do you recommend my size decision's since I'll be ordering online. My feet are 10.5 US/width D. I'm told the Raichle's are the widest boots on the market, but this was from one source. Is the next Raichle size up from the 25.5-27 shell "28-29-30"? If so and since I'd be at the lower end of this range, would I have heel lift issues?

Thanks in advance.


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Guest Joe Marksz

I also have a 28 foot and I use a 26/26.5 shell in my 600's. I use a Thermoflex and find it to be a perfect fit.

Cuffs cover a range lower boot sizes. My cuff says size 25-27.5 but the lower boot is size 26/26.5. Look at your size on the lower boot. It will be right below the numbers on the inside of your cuff (upper boot). It's possible that it could be a 25/25.5

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Guest Randy S.


You might consider the UPS boots. UPS Boots

I wear a size 10 E shoe, measure to 27.5-28cm. I tried AF600s and SB423s and found I couldn't get either to fit my foot correctly. Combinations of volume and width problems, plus I found the buckles/overlap didn't work well for me. The UPS boots seem to have a wider toe box. I've heard that Heads are wider also, but haven't tried them. A side bonus is that the UPS shells are actually shorter (outside length) than the same-sized Raichles, so you can run shallower angles if you want. I also prefer the buckles on the Head and UPS boots to the ratchet gizmos on the Raichles. I can unbuckle on the lift and then just snap them back in the same position. With the Raichles, when you unbuckle, the ratchets often tighten a bit and you have to fiddle around at the top to get them back where you want them.

Since you already own Thermo liners, you can use those in the UPS boots if you want. I found that to be a great solution. Custom footbeds, plus the thermoflex liners with a bit of extra foam just above the ankle area works great for me. Oh, and I added a 3-band booster strap. If you want to try Heads and bigger Raichles, you can order both from Bomber and keep just the ones that fit better. I don't know what Dan Yoja's return policy is at UPS, but you can check with him. He was very helpful when I placed my order.

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