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3D-printed side edge tuning tools


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A few months ago Pat pointed out that while my board edges were sharp, the angle wasn't consistent.  I had a tool to hold the diamond stones but it took backing out two flathead screws to change the stones, and so I often delicately freehanded.  But after Pat's comment I bought a simple Toko edge tuner.  Much easier to swap the stones... but still a bit too much work when working on my family's skis.  Three swaps for four edges, too much messing around.  

I designed very simple holders for the stones, set to 88 degrees.  Stones fit in and are pressure-held, but a few drops of superglue wouldn't hurt.  5% infill, printed in PLA, takes under 2 hours to print one of these.  I printed enough to have one holder per stone, edge tuning was never faster!

In case anyone would find these useful, here's a link to my design and STL files:








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