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TD1 seems to be binding in the rear?


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I loaned one of my TDs to a friend so he could learn Pro/E. I got it back from him today and notice that the heel bail is binding, apparently because the bail is too wide for the heel plate? I don't recall this being the case before he took it apart and I can't see anything that's wrong.

Any thoughts?

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Looks like the problem was a burr. The wire brush cleaned it right up. I'll give it some lithium grease when I get home since it's pretty dry.

Has Bomber considered moving to a torsion spring type heel bail, ala Burton Race plates? The springs on my TDs are worn and don't really bring the bails up, but if I rotate the spring to put some preload on it, the bail gets pushed flat against the baseplate. A setup like the Burtons would eliminate this.

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