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Sun Peaks Carve Camp Thanks


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I am seeing some great comments about the camp we just wrapped up at Sun Peaks and again wanted to thank everyone on this forum for their participation in our Snowperformance Carve Camps. We started these out of the belief that there is a need to create some fun, informative and structured training events for us alpine types and the question has been "if you build it, will they come?" The answer has obviously been yes.

None of these events would have happened without the strong support of folks like Fin and Sean and the good words put out by our customers. Word of mouth is critical in this tight knit community, so we appreciate it greatly when someone new is pointed our way, especially when it is a first time carver.

I look forward to some more fun events this season as well as seeing all the rippers at SES 2004. As we finalize dates for more events I will be sure to post them on this forum.

Thanks again, and happy holidays.


Sean http://www.snowperformance.com

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I would have to say it was awesome. I went not expecting to get a whole lot out of it other than getting together with old and new faces for a small session and boy was I wrong ‘cause I got some new voodoo in my bag now.

Four days of personalized instruction/coaching does come with a price but the reward (at least what I got and think most of us got) was worth it. Free carving and gates for 4 full days. Video analysis too. There were so many small and minor adjustments made to every ones riding amounting to nothing less than great advancement.

For those who don’t know there were about 15 carvers of different abilities and 3 coaches. We divided up into groups and it worked out to 1 on 5 for the most part. The coaches/instructors that were used at this particular camp were great and I would have to say they absolutely rocked.

Free carving or racing these guys know how to observe every one as an individual and not put you into a box and say this is how it is done but rather take what you have and modify, change, and tweak it in a way that can take you to the next level. I was lucky enough to be under the wings of one of the best instructor/coaches of any snow sport that I have participated in. Mark Harris, Thanks Again! You rock! Justin, you too rip. And Sean, thanks for organizing the camp and finding these other two.

One more thing to the group I was in. Marty, you rip dude!!!!!! Gavin (2), don’t be so hard on your self. Eric, you are too smooth, stop it you are pissing us off. J, beat Sean just once will you. And. Charlie, stay strong, ride hard, and keep the voodoo.


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I totally agree with KT. It was just an incredible experience. To be self taught is only a start. The results could be years away and there is no guarantee that you would be successful. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I also learned that there are people out there who really believe in you and support you. The comradery between students and teachers was excellent. Our coach (Mark Harris) was able to tailor his suggestions for improvement to each individual. Needless to say he spoke many languages with the many different personalities/styles that were present. I'm trying hard to remember the lessons learned but I will never have to worry about forgetting the people that I met in this clinic. All these people were a true inspiration for me. KT simply rips (for an old guy). Marty-I wish we could have a barrel session, Mark-it would be a pleasure to bang handlebars with you, Eric-you flow like the rivers running seaward. Charlie-seems happiest on a course with something to devour. Oh yeah, Jbird-I never beat you down on that last 5-mile run, I was off the side releaving myself so wipe that look of confusion off your face, trying to catch you? Yeah sure I would have a better chance of running down a Greyhound bus with a new set of Nikes. Thanks Sean and Gavin and to everyone else for a warm welcome and a hot time! Mountain Pig (Gavin #2)

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Guest Pepe Le Pew

I finally registered so I am able to contribute to this thread (I had to say something).

I signed up for the Camp only expecting to get 4 days of carving with people I had met at Expression Sessions (Charlie, Jay, Kenny & Sean). Not only did I meet more carvers (some local like Marty) and former colleagues, I also learned stuff and that was quite unexpected (based on previous experiences with ski clubs).

Mark Harris did an exceptional job with everyone in the group, providing cool exercises and very valuable feedback. The gates were fun too...

There was a visible enhancement in everybody's skills in just 4 days.

The coaching team as a whole even managed to perfect the riding of guys as experienced as Marty (who really rips)!

Thanks again everyone.

Special thanks to Gavin, Mark & Sean.


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Big thanks to all who attended on behalf of Snowperformance! Sean and Gavin have worked hard to make this the great program that it is. Thanks to Fin at Bomber and Sean at Donek for supporting us with demo equipment, and of course to Sun Peaks Resort for the red carpet treatment and the amazing carving terrain. K.T.- You are an animal,may you find eternal peace on your new Coiler(and I hope I have't ruined your limbo career) Gavin- huge gains, always a pleasure to share experiences with a fellow GP rider, would love to hook up for a track day at Willow or Thunderhill. Eric- don't take it weird when I say you are a beautiful rider, you've managed spot-on mechanics AND a style that is gorgeous to watch. J-Bird- little things mean so much! riding strong when you came in, so much better by the end.(look out Sean) Charlie- such a relaxed efficient style regardless of conditions, get that knee strong so we can go hard in march. Marty- what can I say, you're a rock star. Make the hop over to Schweitzer so we can frighten some people!

I am planning a few days at SES, hope to see you there, if not then Sun Peaks in March! -Mark

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Hey Shred you still cutting apart your perfectly good race boards ----maybe you should get playdo instead---lol........Silverstars grooming has been wicked this year---i guess they got enough **** from you boys last year when you were here...you guys coming up this way this year????.....Better get off those green runs Shred--that new coiler i got has stepped me up huge ---im gonna school you bigtime---ha ha.... :) Carvin Marvin and i have been ripping it up!!!!!!!!

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