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I want any of you who have the opportunity to ride with gavin and sean at one of their camps to do so. Just rode with them last weekend at sun peaks bc and had a teriffic time. the coaches, mark, justin, and sean helped everyone improve their skills with individual attention and video review. running some gates was great, especially watching everyone get better. I have to thank fin for the espression session too as without it i never would have met kenny, jbird and eric who also rode in the camp last weekend, kind of like a mini old home week. We all need to promote the sport, part of doing that is making sure there is competant instruction available which we can do by attending these kind of things and hiring the instructors/coaches. I have to admit that i am amazed and humbled to see people carving after just a few days when it took me years of experimentation to figure it out. the difference is those new carvers didn't have a fool for an instructor as i did.:)

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Originally posted by kalalex

In August??

You can snowboard in August in Hood??

Yep, Timberline is open nearly year around (I think they close down for like two weeks in September to do maintenance). I've went up there in August from 1999-2001 and there is always snow on the glacier, it's just that if it's a hot summer, the glacier toe recedes and instead of riding to the lift, you have to unstrap and hike the rest of the way down (only at the end of the day as normally you only ride the upper lift during the day... although I usually just hiked back up). The snow freezes over night and then goes from firm to soft to slush by 2 in the afternoon. Not sure if it's the best carving conditions (I'm just starting this year myself).

I'm sure the Portland locals on this bulletin board can fill you in much more than I can.

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Some details about summer riding/skiiing:

Timberline will stay open year-round as long as coverage on the Palmer snowfield permits. Note that it's a semi-permanent snowfield and not a glacier - a glacier is flowing snow and ice, a snowfield is, well, just a field of snow.

Either a low snowfall year or a very warm summer can cause the snow supply to run low sometime during September or October, in which case they stop running the lift and it re-opens after about 3 feet accumulate on the snowfield. This happened in the falls of 2001 and 2003. Actually, this fall, Palmer never re-opened... the first signifigant snowfall went all the way down to about 2500 feet, so they just opened the lower mountain, in "winter" mode. When this happens, just go to Mt Hood Meadows!

The lifts close for 2 weeks starting the day after Labor Day regardless of conditions for maintainence. In years where they re-open afterwards it's weekends only until it starts to snow again.

During the summer most of Palmer is divided up into lanes - there is one very wide public lane, and a whole bunch of narrower lanes for camps, plus the freestyle terrain. The public lane is a good place to carve, especially early in the morning, as ong as you don't mind boilerplate. The lifts start running at 7am and it usually starts to soften around 9 and by 11 it's slush. The snow is salted and it wears down bases and dulls edges quickly. I pretty much always use a rock board during the summer. I usually put in a very aggressive struture on whatever I use during the summer and after about 8 riding days it's *gone*.

During June there's actually quite a bit of freeriding room available on the Magic Mile run and off-piste. It gets pretty slushy but can be quite a lot of fun on an all-mountain board like an Axis, 4x4, Coiler All-Mtn.

I knw it's not summer but May is probably my favorite month for riding at Timberline. Lots of blue sky, Big long wide groomers on Magic Mile and Palmer, *very* few other people at the mountain, and usually one snowstorm thrown in for good measure. This year I'm going to make sure and take a week off from work to ride in May. Come join me!

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