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2024 Montucky Clear CUT - Registration open!


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6th Annual Montucky Clear CUT!  January 29 - February 1st, 2024

Entire ski area only open to this group, No Passing on groomed runs (you will not need to look over your shoulder),daily clinics for all ability levels, demo boards, games, huge raffle, all proceeds go to support Turner Mountain (not for profit community ski area), Fun, Fun and Carving Family!

Thank you all for the years of continued support!



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I'm looking at attend this year and booking early.  There is one burning question that needs to be answered though:

It seems the the one piece ski suit is making a comeback, FINALLY!  What are the Montucky recommendations for loud colored Onsies?  I know of:

Tipsy Elves for fun styles and really budget focused
AirBlaster for a budget options
HellyHansen had something a few years back, but bland colors
Strafe SickBird I have one and it's pretty decent.

How do snowmobile suits hold up, they look like they have knee abrasion panels so that could be a benefit?

What say ye on colorful suit options so one can be as visibly loud as possible?

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Airblaster, OOSC, Tobe and Shinesty all are sponsors of MCC, so we fully endorse them.  Links at https://montuckyclearcut.com/partners


Airblaster very durable and good bang for the buck.

OOSC fun Euro vibe and mostly recycled materials

Tobe are the rugged, storm chaser, brilliantly engineered

Shinesty has some suits that are made by OOSC with great style


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