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Deeluxe and Raichle boot spare parts

Joe D

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If somebody can use any or all of these, let me know...  just cover shipping.

Raichle top straps.  width 15/16" x 22.25" length, straps are non - stretch webbing.  

Rear spoiler for SB series boots, silver color,  Left and Right pair.

Deeluxe Thermoflex liners,  27.5 mp.  

Raichle bronze color medium stiffness tongue set, from SB224's.  Left and Right pair.  Size is 25.0 - 27.5 mp range

Raichle Racing silver color hard stiffness tongues, also for SB and Track series boots.  Left and Right pair.  Size is 25.0 - 27.5 mp range.


+ single Raichle 5 Position Lean Mechanism, silver color

+ t-nut and Pozidrive screw sets for toe & heel pads


Deeluxe 1.jpg

Deeluxe 2.jpg

Deeluxe 3.jpg

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Posted (edited)

@DMKW:  your items were shipped.  PM with details to follow.

@b0ardski:  your gear is ready to go

@carver55:  send me a PM with address

Glad you guys have use for them... I just couldn't bin 'em


Edited by Joe D
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