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Hey! I wrote a book!


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5 hours ago, Jack M said:

How can I get a signed copy??

Hi Jack - Thanks!  I'm buying some from the publisher.  I can sign one and get it to you.  It may be a few weeks before I get my supply.  They're available on Amazon now.  Maybe we'll cross paths this winter.



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Getting this review made my day:


I laughed so hard reading this book that my dog would start barking at me. Well written Pat! What an incredible life of fun, adventure, family, and travel. I really liked the way you put your early life at the end of the book rather than at the beginning, you have a wonderful storytelling style in your writing. I can't even begin to mention highlights that got me going, there were too many...the turkey was a good one, and the dead hairy beast you were asleep on, I laughed and laughed. I took the book to bed with me last night to get it done which was not a good idea. Long after I finished it and offed the lights to go to sleep I was still laughing as I recalled your stories. I am an early-to-rise and early-to-bed person, your book kept me up late but it was worth it. Before I pass this book along to friends who I know will also love it. I need to make a few notes of things I want to research further like finding your friend singing that song...maybe on YouTube! I sure liked his lyrics! I have to say there must have been some skydiver in the New England area who had a teenager who watched them play Cardinal Puff. I learned that game when I was a senior at Nashua High School in New Hampshire, almost 3 decades before I became a skydiver. We played it in the cornfields or apple orchards sneaking around at night!

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