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Portland OR Restaurant

Guest kriss

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Guest kriss

Thanks again for your help with hotels/apts. Last request is suggestions for restaurants mostly downtown,nw and offbeat sightseeing ideas.

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Don't know if it's off-beat or not, but Powell's Books is a must-see. The Portland Rose Gardens are decidedly not off-beat, but worth a trip anyway.

The Burnside skate park is under the east end of the Burnside Bridge - definitely worth a trip.

Microbrews! I like the Tugboat brewery (SW Ankeny about 1/2 block west of Broadway), Rogue and Bridgeport are pretty good too.

Higgins is a (rather pricy) downtown restaurant that serves up "Pacific Northwest cuisine" and boasts something like 200 beers on their beer list. You can limit the financial damage by eating in the bar.

Old Town Pizza is a cool old pizza place. I admit there's better pizza in town, but don't know that there's a place with better atmosphere.

I'm no lily-livered vegan, but nonetheless Veganopolis is a pretty decent place to grab lunch.

If you'll be here on a weekend, check out Fong Chong for dim sum.

Sorry I didn't pull addresses for those places - if something looks good, Jason's suggestion of Citysearch is the way to go.

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I have lived in PDX for 13-14 years and don't cook so know a few places. Zefiro was the best ever place around but closed some time back. Nowadays:


Cadillac cafe has good french toast adn sausage. Bijou cafe has these really cool pumpkin seed tortillas, Oregon college of art & craft has a really cool sunday brunch. Byways cafe in the pearl district is good. Lazy Susan's cafe in Cannon Beach makes excellent pear waffles.

Pizza: Hot lips pizza next to the Patagonia store

Higgins is good. Zarra's has good Ethiopian food. Wildwood. Lemongrass for Thai. There are no really good Indian places (I am Indian) but Plainfield Mayur is reasonable high end and has an excellent wine list. Toshi has god Sushi (ask for their Toro: fatty Tuna which is really good). Tapeo used to be an excellent place for Spanish Tapas but seems to have disappeared so don't know a good Spanish place right now.

Basically, Portland has a bazillion good restaurants compared to its population so you can't go wrong.

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Yes, the Hawthorne Cafe is still there. That whole area is still quite popular for great restraunts.

I'd have to say Wildwood on NW21st & Overton is still a great place for dinner. Great fine cuisine using local products from Oregon and nearby.

Now you've got me thinking about dinner instead of snowboarding. Damn you!

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Wildwood is very good.

Higgins is debatibly the best in town.

Lemongrass is great. I also like Typhoon on 23rd (but was disappointed the only time I went to the one on broadway).

A hidden gem for thai is Khum Pik Bahn Thai on SE Belmont. It's in an old victorian home, the husband runs the tables and the wife and grandma run the kitchen. Excelent food.

Another pizza option is Pizza Oasis on NW 22nd and burnside. Thick style stuff.

Another favorite of mine is the Rose and Raindrop. Mellow attitude, cozy well worn pub feel, but better than average pub food.

El Gaoucho has the rep of being the best steakhouse, but it's bloody expensive and is too snooty for my taste. I'm partial to Ringside on burnside and nw 22nd for steak.

For ethiopian my fav is Horn of Africa.

Fusion in SE is an excelent eclectic little place. Thrift store kitch turned into stylish decore, and a great eclectic menu to go with it.

Delta Cafe on woodstock would give you more of the portland trendy hippie flavor... but despite those pretentions, it's good comfort food.

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You can't miss Kennedy School in NE. Too many things there to list, just check it out for sure. Also, if you're into sushi, Yoko's is always a treat. They are in SE on Gladstone (same yoko's as bend, only this is where yoko works). What's the name of that place under the hawthorne bridge? Anyone? Excellent late night grub. Makes me want to go back to pdx!


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