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Lower Mainland Carvers' Diaries, 2022/23


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@BlueB hope you don't mind me starting a thread this season!

We were up at Manning this last weekend, doing prep work for the upcoming season. Construction, painting, and planning the club's programs. Camped on a ski run, and enjoyed escaping to some cooler weather.


Excited to be coaching, this winter is going to be a very busy one for me. I did not expect to get such an incredible opportunity to coach alpine snowboarding for my first season as an instructor. The people here are great!

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@BlueB Got the job at Cypress. Just doing evenings on Tuesdays, but I'm also going to be taking full advantage of the staff training. One more "sith lord" for your staff carving sessions...

Just holding out on accepting the offer until I know what the Manning Snow School wants from me, since having three instructor/coaching jobs is sure to generate scheduling woes. Should be resolved after the interview tomorrow.

I'm a little worried about the weather though, with it being excessively warm and dry. Manning could end up having a late start if the trend of low precipitation continues; since they have no snow-making.

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Sunday is our club training day, so that doesn't work for me unless it's late in the season. I will have no regular job this winter, so it's actually my weekdays that will be relatively free.

I'm inclined towards the edge card since Whistler is just not economical for me unless I'm splitting gas with someone. My truck hogs fuel and being all the way out in Abbotsford doesn't help.

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I have a rough schedule done. The only guaranteed day I will have off is Monday, so it will be pretty difficult to work in extra training at Cypress until spring, unless it's on Tuesday morning.

Going to be a very busy season; minimum of 100 days on the snow. Finally got my truck back after 3 weeks of serious suspension work and waiting for parts, it's ready for the worst of winter now.

Will be spending a good amount of days actually living up at Manning. I need to train my quads, or they're going to be killing me at the start of this winter...

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I'll be getting a bunch of early days in whenever Cypress gets me the staff pass, which I imagine is after the on-snow training session on the 27th. I need those days to go through my usual boot fitting ritual for the T700s, which have new liners and a punch.

Still waiting on a slot from Alpine Pro out in Whistler to get my .951s fitted with some ZipFits. Really hard to find anyone else willing to do substantial shell work on these, given the unforgiving plastic.

I'm also looking for a pair of m28 ski boots.

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