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Colorado Late Season


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You just ruined my day...Now I have to dig the carving gear out of storage, take off the summer wax, remount the bindings, and convince my wife that we need to bring one more piece of luggage...(I was just gonna borrow a rock board from a friend to hike with...)

Didn't think I'd find groomers in May...

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Originally posted by tex1230

anywhere in a-basin area that rents carving gear? (I know the chances are slim, but easier than the alternative)

unlikely, but Bomber is in Silverthorne which is very close and if you talk to them first Id bet they'd take care of you if at all possible.

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I have been watching A-basin reports and checking out the WP webcams....looks sweet.....

I'm getting married this Saturday...Who's up for joining me for a little runaway bride-riding session;) ?

I already told Sam I wouldn't run off somewhere where the resorts had already closed....

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Arapahoe Basin, CO (Monday, May 9, 2005) - The winter ski season continues at Arapahoe Basin. The Colorado ski and snowboard area is 99% open and has received over three feet of snow since late April. A-Basin boasts a 60” midway base, one of the largest bases of the season.

Due to unprecedented ski conditions for this time of the year and with the other ski areas in the region closed, A-Basin has been extremely busy on the weekends. Ski area officials are encouraging skiers and riders to take advantage of the free shuttles from the River Run lot at Keystone just a few miles down the road to avoid difficult late morning and afternoon parking situations at the base of the mountain.

“If you are not able to make it to the ski area prior to 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday until closing day, we suggest taking the shuttle from Keystone. It’s convenient and there is no worry of having to squeeze illegally into a spot along the highway where you will be towed,” said A-Basin's General Manager, Jim Gentling.

Colorado State Patrol Captain Ron Prater is also concerned about the parking situation on Highway 6 adjacent to the ski area. “Oversized loads and hazardous material vehicles must be routed over Highway 6 past the ski area. We must keep the highway open and we have a zero tolerance policy in effect when vehicles are parked along the highway. These vehicles will be towed. We encourage parking in the River Run parking lot and use the shuttle. We can’t ignore these violations due to the safety issues.”

The free shuttle from the Keystone’s River Run parking lot will run every Saturday and Sunday in May and also on Monday, Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

A-Basin also encourages skiers and riders to carpool. Fill a vehicle with four people or more, take them all to the ticket window (even if some of them have passes) and receive a discounted lift ticket for those in the car who need a ticket for $30.

Arapahoe Basin heats things up this May with the "Shakin' at the Basin Free May Concert Series". Every Saturday in May A-Basin will have free live entertainment from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the base area of the ski area. A-Basin is scheduled to close for the season on June 5, 2005

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I've been riding Berthoud the past two weekends and it has been epic. I also got over to the Basin one day, but the crowds are a little overwhelming. After 2pm or so, the lift lines drop to nothing. (I'll always love the Basin ... it's good to see the place breaking skier visit records this year.)

Even if you don't like to hike, Berthoud has some places to drop in from the parking lot. The best way to go is with a group but thumbing rides is easy too. Almost anywhere you drop in, you'll end up on the highway. Of course, there's no ski patrol up there, so if you wreck, you're on your own.

My girlfriend and I went up on 4/30 and 5/1 and it was thigh deep. Last weekend had about a foot of new. We hooked up with these heavy metalheads from Denver and got rides all day in the Death Star, an old hippie van with blue shag carpet. It was like a scene out of Wayne's World. Rock on!

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