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OT- Shameless Commerce:Latest "carving board"

Dave Winters

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Please pardon the Shameless Commerce as Click & Clack call it; Here's my latest effort -- I decided to put one on the lathe and see how it looks round. Trying to work on improving my photography skills, too.

"Wedding season" is coming up, so if you need wedding presents these are a good choice.

Any and all comments welcome as well as photo critiques.

Thanks, Dave


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Nice work. My father is a woodcarver. He's making a gift for my guitarist brother right now- a full size carving of a guitar that looks like it's been twisted from the top to the bottom to give it a cool "distortion" effect - his pun intended.

You've got some nice artwork, and the website is nice, too.

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Hi Dave,

I saw your carve board at SES and was incredibly impressed. I would definately be interested in buying one, but I am concerned that it might not be allowed through Australian Customs because of our strict quarantine laws.

Have you ever shipped any o/s? To Oz?



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First off, your work is beautiful...

Second, I've got to tell my mom to hang on to that maple/mahogany cutting board I made her 30 years ago:D

You're right about the wood-she uses that board daily and it still looks good....

I used vegetable oil for the finish, though...

Hey, I was in 8th grade:rolleyes:

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