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Prior 4x4 / 4WD 155


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*** SOLD ***

Never used, never mounted, mint condition. Almost no marks from storage / moving. Vax, polish the edges and go!

Ultimate all-mountain carving board for a smaller man, teen, or a female.

Nominal L = 155 cm

L (measured) = 155 cm

Contact L (measured) ~ 134 cm

Camber (measured) = 1.5 cm

Nose (measured) = 26.6 cm

Waist (measured) = 21.2 cm

Tail (measured) = 26.2 cm

SCR (calculated) ~ 8.6 m

BOBSI = 9.3

Inserts = 4x4, 3 pairs front, 3 pairs back

Stance range = 40 cm - 48 cm (with binding slot movement 38 cm - 50 cm)

Square tail

USD 170.00 + shipping.


boris at netsplash dot ca


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Dean of Prior's told me it is probably 1998, before thy changed the name to 4wd and rounded the tail.

No idea about the exact weight range.

I'm 6' 178lbs and ride a soft Hooger 168 as my all-mountain bord, that has lesser BOBSI than 4x4.


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Yeah I just noticed the tail was flat after you replied. I'm going to measure out my Burton Speed 158W and see if the stats are close. I'm thinking they are going to be very similar so I'll prob pass on it, but I'll check. Good deal though....Brand new! Was hoping for the twin tip version.

What's BOBSI?

Anybody have an idea what year they did the twin rounded tips and when they fixed the topsheet problems?


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BOBSI is stiffness index that someone from this forum has developed... I recently tried to develop my own flex index (see the discussion forum), and learned about bobsi from replies. So now I do both calculations on every board I tuch, just to see how it works.

No idea when Prior rounded the tails...


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