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How Good of a Board is the Wasatch? Anyone Know?


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This particular Winterstick isn't that good.

The shape is well done, but the materials used in its construction and the lay-up are well below par for boards in this class.

If you had to get a Winterstick board, there are really only two models worth considering : the Severe Terrain and the Tom Burt Signature 172.

I used to be a Winterstick rep during the 90's - and still have a full quiver of them in addition to my carving boards.

The Wasatch never managed to sell all that well with my dealers in the Northwest.


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Thanks a ton for the advise crucible! I'm really looking for a long board, but I saw a Wasatch in passing for $60 shipped, and thought I would ask.

Anyone know where I could find a good longboard like a Rad-Air Tanker for $60 shipped... :D

Thanks again,


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