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WTB: F2/Proflex INTEC Challenge/Challenge Comp


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I found a pair of these gems at a thrift store and discovered that they are perfect for hardboot pow/freeride. Now I want another pair.

If anyone has a pair they'd like to unload, let me know. I've got a pair of HEAD Stealth Carbon INTECs (short version, less than mp28) to trade if that helps.

They look like this. Color is unimportant, but hot pink would be ideal. :D


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I think this is similar to a pair I just tried out on my Tanker this week? Worked very well. I need some of the slim cants to make it align perfectly. Let me know what you find on these??

I like the indicator feature and the fact that the heel reciever is steel not aluminum. Looks like a nice binder. Bryan


Mine are all black and I can't find any writing on them. Pretty burly for a plastic hard plate though.

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blue tomatoe has them for $125 shipped? damn thats a good price! Ive been riding a pair of these actually, and they seem solid as heck, and seem like theyd make a good freeride binding

I like the fixed toe bail, and yeah...the steel receiver is nice too. doesnt gouge like the aluminum ones.

have some Intec Titaniums, too, and theyre solid as hell but dont fit my boot.

sorry B, no extra cant shims

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