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Japan Board Shopping????


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Help!!! I while back (2-3 months ago) I was browsing the boards and I ran across a series of posts about board/gear shopping in Japan/Tokyo. I know there is an area (of tokyo) that is dedicated to outdoor equipment sales... Segue 2 months at sea and now I can't find it...I know it was in a thread about Carve magazine...Any help would be appreciated...

As for me I'm a returning carver...I've been in the tropics for a decade (hence the old snowboard) and have been surfing but I long for the feel of snow again...I plan on spending the sending half of Jan. up in the japanese alps.



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The area in Tokyo is Ochanomizu. Take the Chuo or Sobu line to Ochanomizu station, and then walk down the hill (heading south). There are some subway stops that are even closer, but I've never been that way.

The two shops that have a range of alpine stuff are Himalaya and Viento. They're both situated on the main drag, almost opposite each other. There's one smaller shop on the main drag that also has alpine stuff.

Viento is an offshoot of Victoria Sports, and there are a whole bunch of Victoria Sports stores in Ochanomizu - it can be confusing.

It's expensive! You can buy a custom Donek, Coiler, or Prior for less than the cost of most of the alpine boards for sale in Japan.

But if you're lucky you can find cheap deals on hard boots, particularly if they are not the latest model.

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its the other snowboard related stuff that I am really looking for I need new pants and a bunch of other little stuff, and my wife is looking for some outdoor gear. I plan on getting a few more seasons out of my Flight and then ordering a Prior/Donek/Coiler when I return to the USA. The concept of another custom board is too much for me though I can't justify a new board right now...I spent a lot of time building my Flight (I was one of the factory rats years ago) and it is still in good shape though it's now T-bolted.

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