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Burton Reactors, mondo size 26, US 8. $125usd shipping included.


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I have a pair of Burton Reactor race boots for sale. These are oldies but goldies with a lot of life left. They are super comfy and warm and as with all boots the stiffness is adjustable from free ride to smokin. I made several repairs as can be seen in the pics. There was a hair line crack in the toe and a broken cable strap of the right boot. I stitched the crack to prevent further cracking and covered with duck tape. The left boot the allen screw came out and replace with a locking nut. The repairs held up and didn't affect them in any way that I could feel. I only used them for about 3 or 4 seasons the rest of the time they were in my closet. I switched from Alpine carving to snow kiting in 2008 and they haven't been used since. Open to offers.

IMG_20220118_100524349.jpg.c940a23d9431093bd69aa2a835882969.jpgIMG_20220118_100544244.jpg.b434590d697fa19a44dcddabc62f2ab1.jpgIMG_20220118_100736082.jpg.96ba7817577d5a0f598b332a1b49a19d.jpgIMG_20220118_100951946.jpg.8453454d209d35383e1041c716e5908e.jpgIMG_20220118_101005882.jpg.36c3a373bddef0e6e41880de25c85fb5.jpgIMG_20220118_101021954.jpg.4b315c8e0b0f2bacc1366b6444ac6eb0.jpgIMG_20220118_101219272.jpg.f98ca42f681910f877b7213e28083435.jpgIMG_20220118_101355727.jpg.33c6fa3178a865ea33d3a2815992b6a4.jpgIMG_20220118_101405927.jpg.13f9033ba48aa5cadce2d622ea2990c8.jpgIMG_20220118_101544755.jpg.ebdc86722f231282f89be4db121ab9b9.jpgIMG_20220118_101416678.jpg.92c73c2ac386a67404bea04d627a0fa9.jpg. I only

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