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(Not an ad) Excellent new online photo site


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A new online photo-sharing site called Flickr is in Beta now and giving away free accounts (don't know for how long). It's similar to other photo-sharing sites, with one big distinction: this site allows you to add "Notes" to your photo in the form of hotspots that you define. It's easy to do, and once you've defined the hotspots, mousing over a hotspot in the photo will pop-up a little yellow sticky note with whatever text you add.

I really think this is one of the best online communication tools to come out in a long time. Small thing, big potential! It' a great tool for pointing out or explaining details within a photo. Note too that the hotspots are invisible until you mouse over the image (so you don't have to look at little rectangles all over your photo all the time!). Very slick.

Here's the link to the main Flickr page...


And here's the link to a test image I uploaded, called "My Marimba."


I added some hotspots so you can see how it works. By the way, I don't work for these guys and get nothing for my recommendation---I just think it's a really great tool! (And I'm doing my part to promote what I find are truly useful sites...in hopes that the useless ones fade away...)

Check it out!


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"Hello" by Picasa is good too. It's for sharing photos between two people or a small group of people, not on the web. It opens a private, secure peer-to-peer connection between your computer and your friend's. It quickly sends low-res versions of the pictures you want to share, so your friend can view them instantly. At the same time there is a live chat, and you can also see what your friend is looking at in real time, kind of like a webex session. Then your friend can select some or all of the pictures you've shared, and the full-res versions get uploaded in the background while you can continue your chat and continue sharing pictures.

I think it's a great way to share a whole bunch of pictures with friends and let them pick the ones they want. For example at my friend's kid's birthday party I took a lot of pics of all the kids, and Hello was an easy way for me to show them to my friends and for them to pick some to save, without sending all the pics in multiple huge emails.


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