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Have to bail on this ridiculous niche sport after over 20 years of stupidity....


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Gear dump.

I was hit by a skier 2 seasons ago and suffered a TBI. I will definitely never travel at worthy speeds again and remain a high risk for even more serious injury should I have another ground embracing accident. And when I say TBI, the aftermath sucks. Chronic migraines,  Dizziness, annoying balance issues and increased stupidity. Took over a year to return to full time work and even that is not 100% where it was. I miss being myself but I have to accept that. Currently have 2 months left of rehab for a rotator cuff repair so I can focus more on getting stuff out. Better info to come as I dig through things. Prices plus shipping. 


$250 - 180 SG full race.  I think it's 2010. I bought it used from emdee. It had been hot boxed and all sorts of love so despite becoming imperfect (2 base blips where things were hit) I never fought to have it repaired or ground due to how fast it glides. 20cm waist. Love this board. 

$500-163 SG full carve. I think it's 2018. Trade from member here. 20cm waist. Awesome deck.  Lots of life left. Barely ridden by me but mother of goodness, soooo much fun all around. This would be my daily driver. Would benefit from a base grind.

$200 - 157 Matrix slalom deck. 19cm waist. Fun fun fun stiffish slalom deck. Some taper. 2010ish. No metal, but well tuned materials. Sounds A438

$100 - 160??? Matrix free carve deck. 2010ish. 19cm waist. Good hooky fun board. Barely ridden.

Miscellaneous random stuff. But realize that I'm grasping at straws for info at this time. Talk to me.  Ask questions.  Who wants a rossignol mini? $40 k2 carveair 154 $150? Heelside decks..... Older small Burton cartel bindings..... old cateks with one set of threads in the base plate stripped out for both plates? I have the officially official acrylic spacers/riser plates too. Official matching sticker from the long defunct company as well..... 

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