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Meadows or TLine Saturday AM?

Mike T

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Went very quickly from badly groomed hardpack to mush today.

Some idiotic teenager came flying *uphill* on a cat track around a blind curve, nearly hit the fellow I was riding with, then ran straight into me. Somehow I managed to not hurt myself, my Madd or the teenager who looked to weigh about 70 pounds less than I. There were an inordinate number of people getting toboggan rides today. Oh well, better than a good day at work :)

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Sunday was a crazy day. It was tough to keep Bryan from going crazy from all the nutty people too. We had to cut the day short before a freak accident happened like you encountered. It was just a matter of time before someone ran into me or vice-versa.

I'm glad you came out of it "almost" unscratched, Mike.

See you all soon hopefully,


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