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F/S TD1's


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For Sale: 1 pair of TD1's with purple bumpers (1 set 3 degree; 1 set 6 degree). Also includes a 3 degree cant disk and a 6 degree cant disk with all the mounting hardware. The TD's also come with two other disks: 0 degree cant and a 6 degree cant. $150.00 takes it all plus shipping.

Use that tax return money for something besides diapers or taking your in-laws out to dinner.



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By "set" of bumpers do you mean four 3-degree and four 6-degree? Also, is there one 3-degree cant disk, one 0-degree cant disk, and two 6-degree cant disks total? Any 0-degree bumpers included? Kind of confusing, especially since only two discs are shown in the picture (larger pic available?).

What is the general condition? How old, or how many approx. days on the hill? Any wear? Springs (good ones) in the rear bails?

Questions, questions. ;)

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I reset the email option. Sorry, I didn't realize it was off. Now, let me put this really cold keg of lager down....there, now I can type with the nozzle in my mouth instead of my hand. :)

You should be able to email me now. If that mail link fails, stick to the classifieds, I hang out here enough.

A SET of bumpers refers to TWO bumpers. Perhaps I should have stated a PAIR. Sheez, that's even more confusing. Again, let's go over the parts list:

1 zero degree cant disk

1 three degree cant disk

2 six degree cant disks

1 set (TWO) 3 degree purple bumpers

1 set (TWO) 6 degree purple bumpers

2 TD1 baseplates each with toe and heel bail assemblies.

TD's were purchased used and are in good used condition. I have ridden them about 10 days in the past 2 years. The rear bails are not spring-loaded. I have not performed Underwriter Laboratories tensile strength/load tests on the bindings but I should have the results back from the lab in a few weeks. :)

C'mon guys, they are used TD1's in good repair. Granted, the photo is confusing because it doesn't include the two extra disks. I'll try and post a better pic. I kept getting shot down on the file size I was submitting to BOL.

I realize I'm committing suicide here but, these are TD1's that are used. Half the price of new TD2's. I'm not making a killing selling them at $150 with 2 extra disks. If this is not in line with what you are wanting to spend, feel free to make a counter offer. Most of the older TD1's on BOL classifieds go for around $125.00 us dollars.

Bon Chance!

PS If they don't sell, they go into the museum in the basement next to the Burton m8 and the exercise bike that is a better coat hanger than exercise bike.

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All of the disks are 4 hole. There are no three hole disks. Yes, I would be willing to sell the six degree disks as a pair seperate from the TD's. There is already an offer pending for them. If that doesn't happen, you'll be the next one in line for them.



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My TD1 disks are useable on both Burton 3 hole and regular 4 hole boards. There 2 middle holes and 4 of the 12 outer holes have been slightly drilled into a "stretched shape"

I don't need two sets of disks.

Utahcarver should post a close up of one of the disks.


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